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                     What is Queen Anne's Lace?

     Queen Anne's Lace is a wild flower that grows naturally around Bentonsport in fields and along roadways.  Bill and Betty have a large field of these flowers in their garden area.  Every year they pick the flowers and dry them.  Betty uses a different flower on each piece of pottery, creating a unique pattern on every one.

     As a potter for over 30 years, Betty Printy created this copyrighted style of pottery using the Queen Anne's Lace wild flower.  Each piece has its own flower pressed into the clay.  In firing, the flower burns away, leaving the unique impression of that blossom.  Production is limited to the availability of the flowers.

     These stoneware pottery pieces are original works of art to collect and enjoy.  Intended for daily use, they are safe for ovens, microwaves, and dishwashers.  Stoneware and glazes are food safe and non-toxic.

     The following pictures are just a few examples of the pieces available.  There are several colors and many different styles and sizes.  Thousands of pieces are just waiting for you in our shop.  See the Orders page for more examples.  Not all pieces come in all colors.  Call for availability of pieces.


Green Queen Anne's Lace Vase             Blue Queen Anne's Lace Pottery

#30 - Various sizes 4" to 10" tall - $22 to $55           #9 - Bowl - $35      #10 - Utensil Crock - $44  

                                                                #4 - Small Rounded Pitcher - $26.50


#9 - 3 qt. Mixing and Baking Bowl - $44                  #29 - 8 inch vase - $44

                   Brown items are limited.  Call for availability.

(Mixing Bowls come in various sizes and prices)


            #7 - Cobalt Blue Cracker jar  $48        #16 - Salt and Pepper Shakers in Green and Cobalt

                                                Small set - $35   Large set - $45


#14 - Blue Egg Plate - $48                       #19 - Green Cereal Bowls - $18.50 each


                    #24 - 10 1/2 inch Plate - $32

                    #25 - Salad Bowl - $24     

                         #26 - Napkin Holder - $25

See the Orders page for more examples of Betty's pottery.



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