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Beginning Rug Weaving Workshops

Instructor:   Betty Printy

     You are invited to participate in one of our upcoming "Beginning Rug Weaving Workshops".  These two-day courses cover the basics of rug weaving.  Participants will make their own rug to take home and will be guided through the entire process of weaving.  The courses begin Saturday morning with weaving nomenclature and end Sunday afternoon as you tie the ends of your completed rug.  The courses are structured so that you will be actively engaged in each part of the weaving process.  Among the techniques you will learn are:  loom warping, loom stringing, preparation of materials for weaving, rug weaving and rug finishing.

  Overnight lodging is available at various locations in Bentonsport and throughout the county.  The following web sites will help you locate Bed and Breakfasts, hotels, and campgrounds in the area:





Food is available in both Keosauqua and Bonaparte for lunch and supper.


If you would like to register for this workshop or have any further questions, please contact Betty Printy at Iron & Lace by phone: (319) 592-3222, or by email: irnlace@netins.net .

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